We are a fast-growing design & engineering company

Our team consists of experienced designers and engineers with a various background.

We provide a full spectrum of technology and conceptual engineering design services for projects and clients worldwide. 

We take your design intent and convey it in an ecological, friendly and cost-efficient engineering drawing.

As we go forward, we submit the drawing to production and have the products delivered, as a result, we assure that you will be provided with a complete project management.

We are able to supervise any production to ensure that you will receive a compliant product.

We deliver design & engineering for:

●     Entrance groups;

●     Canopies and free-standing structures;

●     Interior elements;

●     Decorative facades including media;

●     Non-permanent structures in public places;

●     Small architectural forms;

●     Led display structures;

●     Industrial and special equipment.

Technical supervision

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The complete understanding of the purpose of the product, proper preparation and assessment of the necessary tasks guarantee the absence […]


Our key competence is engineering. We do engineering in accordance with the original design or design project. Our expert engineers […]


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How it works?

Entrance group – Moxy / Great Britain / Germany / France