Our technical designs are not just pictures and an artist imagination – they are technically and technologically feasible future products created on the basis of customer intent.

From the very first draft we navigate considering all further requirements avoiding potential problems and narrow points.

Engineering-driven design of ours is efficient, elegant and, more importantly, realistic for cost-effective production.

A design project is a preliminary visual draft containing general characteristics and a site-specific overview of the product, including material samples, creation of scale and full-size models, including using industrial 3D printing technologies.

Technical supervision

procurement / production / delivery / mounting We take charge of a complete project implementation. Our expertise allows us to […]


The complete understanding of the purpose of the product, proper preparation and assessment of the necessary tasks guarantee the absence […]


Our key competence is engineering. We do engineering in accordance with the original design or design project. Our expert engineers […]

How it works?

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