Our key competence is engineering.

We do engineering in accordance with the original design or design project.

Our expert engineers are fully equipped with the complete understanding of materials: various metals, plastic, other construction and finishing materials, electrical equipment, hydraulics and pneumatics. 

We do engineering in modern 3D industrial space programs, such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

A project package contains technical documentation, including overview of the product types, technical specifications, dimensions, materials and processing methods, fittings, electrical wiring diagrams.

We provide static calculations for all load-bearing structures and foundations in accordance with Eurocodes and applicable local regulations.

We can ensure compliance of the product with CE, RoHS, UL, Breeam and the other standards applied for each specific project.

Technical supervision

procurement / production / delivery / mounting We take charge of a complete project implementation. Our expertise allows us to […]


The complete understanding of the purpose of the product, proper preparation and assessment of the necessary tasks guarantee the absence […]


Our technical designs are not just pictures and an artist imagination – they are technically and technologically feasible future products […]

How it works?

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