procurement / production / delivery / mounting

We take charge of a complete project implementation.

Our expertise allows us to select competent vendors to qualify for further professional tender. From the moment when the vendor is selected we provide a full process control, including reporting to the client.

We monitor quality at every step and follow production schedule to ensure delivery on time. We optimize dimensions, weight and nature of packaging for road, air, sea and rail transport, in this manner ensuring the safest delivery of your products. 

Since correct installation is critical, we provide risk assessment analysis and methodological justification for the selected vendor, supervise installation and control commissioning.


The complete understanding of the purpose of the product, proper preparation and assessment of the necessary tasks guarantee the absence […]


Our key competence is engineering. We do engineering in accordance with the original design or design project. Our expert engineers […]


Our technical designs are not just pictures and an artist imagination – they are technically and technologically feasible future products […]

How it works?

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